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Hard Goods

We have added Purple Cow Organics Activated Compost with MicroLife TM to our retail product line.  It's available in 1 cubic foot bags. See their website at www.purplecoworganics.com. for more information.  We've also added it to our house potting soil mix-Don's Magic Dirt.  We start our potting soil with heat sterilized Wisconsin Peat. Then we add compost, coir and all sorts of other organic materials to bring you a quality potting soil made to maximize the growth potential of all your potting needs whether filling a grow box, container garden or renewing the vigor of house plants by repotting.

We carry peat moss in 1 foot to 3.8 cubic foot bales, Fafard soil-less mix, Nursery Mix and Milled Coir for ammending garden soil or mixing your own potting soil.

We sell plain or fancy containers, urns and hanging baskets for potting up your own container gardens for the deck, porch or tucking into your entry area, landscape, seating area or pool side. Our product line includes Austram, Listo and others, vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, wire w/coco liners, clay and cement containers in small or large, sets or singles.  We can even teach you how to make your own (check out our workshop schedule on the Quarterly Newsletter page)! Have a wire planter that needs a new coco liner?  We have those, too. We also carry hand painted pots from area artisans as well as gourd birdhouses, painted or plain.

We have garden and container garden fertilizers, pre-emergent weed supressors, Japanese Beetle Traps, weed mat, bamboo stakes, 3.2 gallon galvanized watering cans and Dramm watering nozzles and wands. 

We sell basic vegetable seeds as well as heirloom seeds from our garden.

Need a Mason Bee Hive or handmade tuteur, grapevine ball or wreath?  Want a custom gardening, kitchen or shop apron made by area crafters?  Maybe you're looking for a tea cup or glass ware sculture for a lonely garden corner or rustic garden marker to highlight your favorite country plants.  We also have handmade gift cards.  Just ask! 

Can't find it?  Ask, we can order plant labels, sheet moss, pots, plug flats and even arbors for the fairy garden right here!  Want to try some new bulbs in the garden but only see them in wholesale quantities?  We order spring and summer blooming bulbs in fall, so you can get together with birds of a feather to get the best deal possible and get your selections, too. 

Reference materials are available on the planting table or by asking in advance.  We're always happy to answer your questions, recommend a resource or pass on a garden secret!
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