Welcome to Don's
Fredonia Greenhouse
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Where are you?
Ok, so you want to find us. 

The greenhouses are located at:

305 South Milwaukee Street
Fredonia, WI 53021
(262) 692-9650

Online you have found us, but if you need to email us:
If you wish to be added to our email list, please forward your address so we may include you in our newsletters or "online only" specials.

We are now on Facebook, too! Don's Fredonia Greenhouse Group is the group to look for.  Also on Instagram donsfredoniaghwi or #dsfghwi for instant updates on current goings on.

Our mailing address is
313 South Milwaukee Street
Fredonia, WI 53021

Who are we? 
Don & Lisa Dohrwardt

When can you come?
Mostly when its light, but here are the official hours. . .

May - July 4th
    Monday - Saturday 8-8 
    Sunday 10-6
July 4th - August
    Monday - Saturday 8-7
    Sunday 10-6
September 'til hard freeze
    Monday-Saturday 8-6 and Sunday 10-6
Open off season by appointment. Call 262-692-9650 if you'd like to stop in!
No Guarantee.  Well, we do what we can while the plants are with us to assure you that those plants will be ready to live when they leave us.  We cannot control how much water, sunlight, fertilizer and heat or cold the plants will be exposed to, and for that reason we cannot guarantee our plants.  What you can count on is for us to answer any questions that you have and for the best education we can give you to be sure that you have what it takes for your plants not only to survive, but thrive!

Payment method
    OK, we are crazy, we accept cash.  We will also take your personal check with proper ID.  Accepting Mastercard, Visa and Discover.

Old plastic
We try to do our part in the recycling chain. If your containers are in good shape, we will take them back. Please only return containers we can reuse, like unprinted pots and flats and esp. pots and flats you got from us. We are not a recycling facility and have to pay to dispose of recyclables we can't use, so will be rejecting pots not conforming to our needs in 2015.  

If your containers are badly damaged please recycle them (see above information).

Please do not bring in loads of small clay pots, we do not have a place to go with those.

On the run?  You can now see our website on your smart phone.  Thanks GoDaddy!
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