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Welcome to Don's. 

Whether your goal is a beautiful yard, an amazing garden or just a pretty corner pot, we are here to help. 

We are a family run greenhouse, started back in 1979.  My dad still refers to our original greenhouse in Park City as the "postage stamp."  We now have just over 1/4 acre under plastic. Don has also worked professionally as an arborist. Lisa started out as a visual artist with a background in horticulture. We have more than 20 years in the consulting and landscape design areas.

Here at Don's, we know what we grow and we can answer almost any question you have.  
"What do I plant if. . .?" and  "Where can this go . .?"  are the easy ones! 

We do give tours, talks and workshops, so whether you are a local kindergarten, club or just interested in learning more, please look over our website and/or give us a call to set up a visit. 

We hope that you enjoy a visit to our home, and find a few of your lost loves.  We grow everything from the new and trendy to the old reliables.  We are happy to add plants to our schedule at the request of our customers.  We have everything from the new magazines and growers to the plants your grandmother harvested back in the day. Our offerings include plants from Proven Winners, Power Choice, Color Choice and Athens Select.  Most of our shrubs are from Spring Meadow and we offer an extensive line of Austram products.  We're adding Purple Cow Organics  Activated Compost with MicroLife TM to our product line and house potting soil mix, Don's Magic Dirt-see Hard Goods page for more details.

What can you find?
We grow veggies, annuals, perennials, herbs, and shrubs (evergreen and flowering).
Please refer to the "plants and offerings" page for a detailed list.  Our plants are sold by the size pot they are in. We do not oversize our pots, they are planted in a container that best suits its needs for the greenhouse season. 

We do offer Gift Certificates for those special occasions for your favorite gardener. 

We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover. 

We do offer planning sessions if that is what you need.  Lisa loves to help create more detailed  plans and drawings if that is something you need.

We do garden, so if you are looking for fresh bouquets, herbs and vegies, come on in or call ahead for availability. We also have hands on workshops on basic gardening tricks and techniques, too.

We have all our plants timed to be ready to sell Memorial Day weekend, that seems to be the most common week that is safe to get plants out around here.  Please feel free to shop early for hanging baskets, those are ready for Mother's Day. We also do custom container gardens, so if you have a favorite container and would like us to pot it up for you or need a special gift for someone, we can do that, too!  Open in May for gift certificates, hanging baskets and seed sales.

If there is something you do not see on our lists, please let us know.  We are not afraid to add a few items to our list of things to grow next year. 

Where can you find us?
All of our important information is on our "Where are you page." Please consider sending us your email address, so we may include you in our otherwise unadvertised sales.

If you live too far to visit us in person,  please enjoy the photos on our "Just plain pictures" page.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  We'll do our best. 
The best is if you just stop in and see what we have to offer.  We grow most of what we sell and we teach you what we can to help your garden grow. 

When are we here?
You can find us here most of the time. Our offical season is from May through September. Hours are on the 'Where are you?' page.  Mid summer and especially in fall please call ahead if you are not already in the neighborhood.  All winter, we are open by appointment. Please check the 'Where are you?' page for more detail.

Hope to see you soon!  Please visit our newsletter page to see a list of our upcoming events and workshops.  Don't forget to register so we know how many are coming.

Enjoy the season and thanks for visiting our virtual greenhouse!
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