Welcome to Don's
Fredonia Greenhouse
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Seed Basics

This year, as in years past, we will have basic seed offerings. They are as follows:

Beans-Bush Bean -Stokes Seed-'Provider'
            Pole Bean -Stokes Seed- 'Blue Lake'
            Yellow Wax Bush Bean -Stokes Seed- 'Rocdor'
Beet-Stokes Seed- 'Merlin'
Carrot-Johnny's Selected Seed- 'Bolero'
Corn-Sweet- Stokes Seed- 'Brocade'
Peas-Sugar Snap- Stokes Seed 'Cascadia'
        -Snow Pea- Stokes Seed 'Little Sweetie'
        -Shell Pea-Stokes Seed 'Strike'

We will also have Radishes, Spinach 
Regular and Climbing, Sweet Peas and Sunflowers.  We also have a few varieties of heirloom plant seeds collected from our gardens.

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